Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Unexpected Snow

Lord, Your way is so beautiful, so unexpected. Like the surprise blanket of snow this morning, with unhurried flakes still falling. The snow that is completely oblivious to the turmoil it causes for those unable to slow down and take in its beauty. The snow completely unabated by the grousing of many poor souls, blind to the magical wonder of it all.

If they would only allow themselves to stop for a moment. Oh! What peace they would know in the lazy, gentle descent of the snow. What rare treasure they would see in the sparkle of each crystal gem that dazzles the landscape. What beauty they would see--a beauty that transcends the transformed world ablaze in pure white.

And they would see You, Lord. Surprising. Unexpected. Magnificent--in all You do.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year's Resolution for Healing

Okay, so I've never been big on resolutions at the New Year. But it just so happens that some obvious changes in my life started taking shape right around Christmas this year.

One big thing I've been dealing with for several years is PMS. Some people might read this and just blow it off, thinking, "yeah, everyone deals with that" Maybe to some extent. But mine has been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of thing. My husband actually got me a PMS book for Christmas this year. And no, I did not throw it at him in disgust. I was actually glad that he cared that much to want to help. (There was a gift certificate for a massage too).

Anyway, the Monthly Monster really puts a strain on the family, and significantly alters my ability to function. I had a doctor's appointment a few years ago. He was about an hour late getting into the exam room, and by that time, I was a complete hysterical mess! I think he was scared of me. He gave me some pills to "help" until my bloodwork came back, and I scheduled a follow-up appointment. The pills were "as needed", and didn't really help. When the doctor's office called and had to cancel my follow-up appointment due to a conflict, I decided not to reschedule.

I then turned to homeopathic treatment. I think homeopathic medicine is great. It has worked for me many times. Just not this time. Then I tried herbs, which helped some. My latest consideration was to go on birth control pills (artificial hormones), which I really didn't want to do, but felt like it might be my only option. It was just days before an appointment to go have a prescription written for The Pill that I heard from God. I was off-handedly speaking to Him in my thoughts about healing. And I heard Him whisper, "30 days." I didn't really know what it meant, or what form my healing would take, but I was so excited!

One day during Christmas break, I was at the YMCA to teach a Saturay morning water exercise class. It's not something I usually teach on Saturday mornings. I really wasn't looking forward to it. I was feeling a bit drained physically and spiritually. Nobody showed up that day. I was relieved, and thought, "Good! Now I can exercise alone, then go have some God time." So I did. And it was like a light went on, and God said, "You should do this every day--first thing in the morning."

I realize now that God doesn't always zap us with a miracle. God created our bodies to function a certain way, and what I am learning is that all of the basics have to be in place for a treatment to be effective for any disease. In fact, the cause of many diseases is a failure to pay attention to the basics, and simply doing so will likely result in healing without additional treatment. So what are the basics, you ask? Well, it is what most people *don't* want to hear!
3. Excercise every day
2. Eat right every day (limit junk food, processed food, and ESPECIALLY sugar!)
1. Spend "alone" time with God every day

It may be hard to do these things, especially if you are a mom with little ones like me. But I find that no matter how unencumbered we are, there are always excuses. So start by praying that God will help you see how to make "the basics" an important part of your day. Sometimes God actually wants to turn our ship around, and that takes time and effort. I'm in it for the long haul, with God as my Captain.