Friday, September 12, 2008

A life lived for the love of God

When we realize how much God truly loves us and how much he cares, we are drawn to Him in an inexpressable way. Our heart leaps at the thought of spending time with Him, the awesome Creator of the universe and the keeper of our souls.

God can only use a pure heart--one surrendered to Him completely--to reach His children who are lost. When we begin to love the Father with a passion that draws us toward Him, we are given a heart full of love for those souls that we once despised, desiring to see them also draw near to the Father. It's the kind of love that Jesus has--the love that caused Him to get up early to spend time with the Father, and spend all day ministering to the crowds. It's the love that caused Him to bear the sins of the world.

When we sacrifice, and truly live lives for Him, He opens doors in the lives of those around us. He will give us a burden for their souls. When we pray, God will work. When we love others, they will be drawn to the Father. As a result, the Kingdom of God will be established in our cirlce of influence.

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