Saturday, February 17, 2018

Haiti 2018 - Day 8

Hiking up, up ,up
Today, MamaBaby went on the road.  Hannah and I, along with two midwives from MamaBaby, Carmelle and Erlyne, went to Mt. Calvair.  This community sits above Cap-Haitien, and consists of dwellings built along the mountainside.  Most of the homes are sandwiched very tightly together, and they are very small.  Our hike involved several flights of concrete stairs and some dirt trails.

Stopping to buy bottled water.

Guerda, who is expecting twins.

When we arrived at the home of Guerda, a mom expecting twins, many other moms came around for check-ups.  I counted the concrete blocks that make up Guerda's home, and estimated it to be about 8'x8'.  An elevated double bed takes up most of the space; her 3 children sleep on the dirt floor underneath.  Her roof is a tarp.  Most of the dwellings on Mt. Calvair are like this, and the people have a desperate need for access to water.

Guerda, Carmelle, and I

All the moms who came for check-ups.

Erlyne and little friends
Curious faces
Such a cutie!
Again, I am struck by the beauty that exists even in the absence of what I consider to be necessity.  The midwives have learned that I like music, and one song in particular.  Today we sang together.

"I'm hungry for Your presence, Lord.  I want to see your glory on another level.  I'm searching for You.  I need You more than ever.  I feel the deep thirst of my soul."

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