Sunday, February 18, 2018

Haiti 2018 - Day 9

We were excited to be invited by Carmelle, one of the midwives, to go to church!  She took us to a large church in the center of Cap-Haitien.  The format was very similar to American church.  There were a couple of hymns that I recognized, so I sang along in English.  During prayer time, the Lord was speaking to my heart about some things that were confirmed in the scripture that the pastor later shared.  Holy Spirit knows no limits.

Once we were back to the clinic, I was settling in for a little afternoon rest, and remembered that I had left something in the birth room.  When I entered the birth room, I was surprised to see a mom with a newborn baby!!  The student midwife was there; apparently the birth had happened too quickly to call in a second midwife.  In my broken Kreyol I told her I would go change clothes and be back to help.

Soon after, a driver arrived with a friend who was taking us to the nearby town of Limbe.  Rosedanie is Haitian, but grew up in America.  After living nearly 40 years in America, she now goes back and forth.  Her home in Limbe would be our destination for the night.

I don't know how many miles or kilometers the trip to Limbe actually is, but the drive time on the very bumpy road is 30-45 minutes.  I got carsick, which seems to be the "new normal" for me this trip.  I have decided that I should only ride on motos here.  They are so much more fun anyway.

Once in Limbe, we took a walk to see if we could find some food (which is challenging on a Sunday).  As we were walking along, Hannah said, "Melissa, look!!"  I turned my head and right there was the Church of the Nazarene logo!!  I knew that there was a Church of the Nazarene in Limbe, but I had given up on trying to make a connection.  I was so excited!  Rosedanie offered to introduce me to the pastor (she explained that she knows about 1/2 the town).

Classroom space
Pastor Garnier, who is also the district superintendent for the region, was very gracious.  He explained that they are getting ready to expand the space that currently serves as a community school on their property.  It looked like a big enough area for about 30 students.  They serve 350 students, who come in shifts.

Chicken in the pulpit

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